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Michael Jackson’s Mother To Appeal Wrongful Death Verdict Following Conrad Murray’s Release

Singer Michael Jackson And Mother Katherine

Katherine Jackson, mother of the late international music super star Michael Jackson, has said she plans to appeal the verdict in her wrongful death lawsuit against tour promoter AEG Live.

The suit alleged that AEG Live was responsible for Michael Jackson’s death after hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered a fatal does of the anesthetic Propofol to the pop star. Murray was sentenced to four years in prison as a result of Michael Jackson’s death. The verdict of the lawsuit, however, found that AEG Live, although they did indeed hire Murray, was not responsible for Michael’s death because Murray was not found to be unfit or incompetent to perform the duties for which he was hired.

TMZ reports that Katherine Jackson is appealing the verdict of her civil lawsuit, in which she had sought more than $40 billion dollars from the concert promoter on behalf of herself and Michael Jackson’s three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket.

The news of Katherine Jackson’s appeal comes in the wake of other news surrounding Michael Jackson’s death. Murray, originally sentenced in 2011 to four years in prison for Michael Jackson’s 2009 death, was recently released from custody in Los Angeles after serving less than half of his prison term. The reason for his early release? Over-crowding and good behavior, although that’s not all if you ask his lawyer.

“My client received the maximum term possible,” said lawyer Valerie Wass, who represented him at trial.

“This is a man that had no prior record. He had 20 years of exemplary service as a physician… They didn’t let him out a minute early,” she added.

The Jackson family said otherwise:

“It is clear Conrad Murray… killed Michael Jackson,” the statement read. “We hope he can never practice medicine again… and hurt another patient.”

The doctor’s medical future is actually up in the air. Billboard reports that Murray is suing the state of Texas to fight the revocation of his license to practice medicine. His suit contends that the Texas Medical Board wrongfully revoked his license and that due process is not satisfied until his appeals are exhausted.

What do you think of the latest wrinkle surrounding Michael Jackson’s death?

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3 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Mother To Appeal Wrongful Death Verdict Following Conrad Murray’s Release”

  1. Anonymous

    Half the truth was revealed during the wrongful death trial,yet NOBODY was punished,as usual it's easy to blame the victim only because of his fame.Just because other stars died of drug addiction doesn't make Michael an addict as well besides the coroner's report speaks volumes doesn't it? UNFORTUNATELY,it was ignored as was Prince's testimony.

  2. Helen Hafen

    The truth of the wrongful death trial for Michael Jackson- AEG live is still liable for negligence.

    The claim filed by Brian Panish against AEG live is for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson and the negligence in the hiring of Conrad Murray.

    The Jury made two decisions of the case. The first one that AEG live hired Conrad Murray, and the second one that AEG live was not negligent in the hiring of Conrad Murray because the jury felt Conrad Murray was competant and fit as Michael Jackson's treating physician.

    The jury did not make a decision on AEG live's liability for their employee Conrad Murray's negligence and malpractice while treating Michael Jackson with a prolonged use and overdose of Propofol that caused Michael Jackson's death. There is res judicata in this liability because of the criminal charges brought against Conrad Murray.

    An appeal can be made stating that the claim for wrongful death was not satisfied by the jury. Brian Panish can also request judicial review as to why that claim was not presented to the jury to decide upon.

    In addition Brian Panish can request a re-opening of the lawsuit and make an amendment to the complaint adding AEG live's liability for Conrad Murray's actions while employed by them.

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