Overtime and long work days can cause heart attacks

Pulling long days at the plant due to downsizing?

It’s not just your social life that will suffer. A study by British researchers published in Annals of Internal Medicine indicates that chance you’ll suffer a heart attack jumps markedly when you start working more than the standard nine to five job. It seems a bit like your body says screw it and gives in if your life is all work and no play, as “magnitude of risk goes up by 67%” in workers who put in 11-hour days.

A team at University College London has studied more than 7,000 workers since 1985, and findings even recommend general practitioners should quiz patients about whether they are overworked:

“Considering that including a measurement of working hours in a GP interview is so simple and useful, our research presents a strong case that it should become standard practice… This new information should help improve decisions regarding medication for heart disease.”

During the study, 192 of the participants suffered heart attacks. Researchers estimate 6,000 of the 125,000 people who suffer heart attacks annually in the UK could be “spotted” prior to the cardiovascular incidents.

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