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Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson: Together Or Not?

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Together Again?

What is the deal with Kristen Stewart’s love life? Is Kristen back with Robert Pattinson after breaking up their relationship by breaking up a marriage?

We know the story so far: Kristen Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders, director of Snow White and the Huntsman, caused his split from Liberty Ross and Kristen’s breakup with Pattinson. Some said that Robert Pattinson will never forgive Kristen Stewart. Then there’s the not-so-squashed rumor that he was with Stewart-friend Riley Keough. And did Pattinson make a not so subtle dig at Kristen Stewart when he wanted to “put his Twilight days behind him“? It’s all been speculation, conjecture and intrigue.

Until recently, that is. A few weeks after Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s home went on the market, the two were spotted together. Cue the rumor mill. Reunited? Back together? Who knows?

Apparently the two are in constant contact after Kristen Stewart went to New York to work on Anaesthesia. You know, the inside word from inside people. Insiders.

Now reports are surfacing that Pattinson is “cheating” on Stewart already, spending an evening with ex Dylan Penn. Of course, you can’t cheat on someone you’re not really with and since we’ve heard nothing from either star themselves, all we can do is continue to speculate on the state of Kristen Stewart’s love life.

However, Kristen was in tears recently, but it appears to be related to her career and not her love life. Kristen Stewart was spotted with leaky eyes on the set of Anaesthesia.

Kristen Stewart will once again be romanced by Jesse Eisenberg in the upcoming comedy American Ultra. The premise of the film is pretty slim as of now, described as a film in which “a stoner become the target of an government manhunt. [sic]” With Stewart and Eisenberg starring together in 2009’s Adventureland, it will be interesting to see them on the big screen together again after both of their respective stars have grown brighter.

What do you think of the Kristen Stewart relationship rumor mill? Should Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson get back together? Are you interested in Kristen Stewart’s love life or her film career?

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8 Responses to “Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson: Together Or Not?”

  1. Charlotte Naron

    What the heck is going on here??? Is Rob still doing HIS thing and leading Kristen on?/ If he is he can go straight to and burn there!! Now he is taking Dylan on a romantic getaway to see if they can work? He should have found that out before he started patty caking with Kristen again. If this is all true Kristen cut him to the curb and run over his ass!! I just don't understand ppl. Why did he go out on Halloween with her and take her to a hotel for a couple of days. Just for old times sake?? Bull on that!! Kristen if he is juggeling you and Dylan cut your ties. He is not worth it. We all realize you love him madly but he is just not worth your love. Bless your heart I feel for you. It should have been you going on the trip if anyone. If you are just going to be friends be friends WITHOUT BENEFITS. Start dating someone else. It will be hard but what is harder being used or finding someone who will truley care for you?/ I am so angry at this moment I could de-ball the bast__d if this story is true. You are a beautiful woman and do not deserve this kind of treatment. He must still be punishing her for last summer. Dylan is not too smart if she puts up with his crap either. He apparantly is NO prize!! Please let this just be a made up story I do not want to see Kristen hurt again!!

  2. Crizomar DaSilva

    guys, guys you call yourselfs news people? pittyfull dont know nothing for sure just made up situations, hurting lots of people in the process shame on you news people

  3. Pam Mangrum

    I love rob and kristen and hope they get back togethger,They make a beautiful couple And they only seem to be truly happy when there together.Best of luck to them both.

  4. Elaine David Lisle

    I am sick to death of reading any article about her that has Rupert mentioned more then her. It has been a year and a half for god sakes. Get over it and move on. Quit giving this guy more press then he deserves. You don't mind dumping all over Kristen forever and a day but you don't seem to give him and his media ho wife any crap. They both seem to be milking all the pain from Kristen's indiscretion as free media press for themselves. It was never mentioned about how Liberty was with another dude when she served Rupert with divorce papers and that Rupert had used other young things before so Kristen wasn't his first cheating event. Another thing is how can standing in a park in broad day light hugging be defined as cheating? If they really were cheating don't you think they would have gone to a hotel?? Lord knows they could afford it.

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