Pope Francis

Pope Francis Wants To Know What You Think In Survey

Pope Francis has become a larger than life figure in the seven months since being elected as leader of the Catholic Church, after his predecessor Benedict XVI resigned. Now he wants to know what you think.

The unusual manner in which Francis ascended onto St. Peter’s chair has continued in the way he carries himself and how in tune he appears to be to everyday people.

Now in an surprise move, the Vatican is sending out a questionnaire to parishes around the globe, asking Catholics for their opinions in several critical matters concerning the governing of the Church.

Some of the questions have never been asked of Catholics before. How do you feel about same sex marriage? About birth control? About pre-marital relations and couples living together before marriage? You get the idea. Those controversial things that many in the Church have decided opinions about.

Why is this so unusual? It has never been done. In the past, the Catholic Church, through the Vatican, only rule. This is the way you will proceed, they tell us who are Catholics. So asking for our opinion is refreshing.

Another way in which Pope Francis is separating himself from any of his predecessors, including the immensely popular Pope John Paul II.

The questions go to the heart of the conflicts Catholics have with the established Church which has resulted in one in 10 Americans describing themselves as ex-Catholics. Pope Francis is trying to change that.

And he leads by example, behaving like Jesus did, being open to all, including, not excluding. He recently hugged and kiss a severely disfigured man, with tumors all over his body. Where most have looked away, he embraced him and comforted the disabled man. The image went viral.

Pope Francis kisses and hugs disfigured man.