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Kate Upton Nude In Sports Illustrated Video… Wait, It’s An Old Body Paint Photo?

Kate Upton Nude In Sports Illustrated Video... Wait, It's An Old Body Paint Photo

With Kate Upton nude in a “recent” 2013 Sports Illustrated video, some people might be getting whiplash and wondering whether we’ve seen Kate’s body paint artwork before.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, those hoping to see Kate Upton nude were happy when leaked uncensored photos showed her undressing for a photo shoot while riding horseback.

As everyone knows by now, sex sells. And no one can deny Kate Upton is sexy. So, it’s no surprise that Sports Illustrated would want to portray Kate Upton naked or topless. But what is surprising is that they’d release an old video almost a year after the fact.

Back in the spring of 2013, Kate Upton described the SI body paint experience in this manner:

“I definitely feel naked. Because I am…. The hardest part by far was the necklace. I don’t even know how they did it. They were taking the strands and connecting it to the other side, taking off paint and putting it back on, layers and layers.”

If you look at the Kate Upton body paint video posted back then and compare it against the “new” video, you’ll see they are exactly the same. But why would Sports Illustrated do this? (Besides the obvious money-making incentive, that is.)

Kate Upton Nude Body Paint Sports Illustrated

There’s probably several reasons. The first is that Kate Upton is increasingly focusing on her acting career, so running around scantily clad in only body paint again isn’t exactly high on her agenda. She’s too busy working on becoming “confident in creating the role and being the character.” Kate Upton isn’t sure what type of movies she wants to do in the future because she’s such a new actress, but there is a rumor that Ms. Upton might be the next James Bond girl in movie 24. In the meantime, she plans on growing and learning from her peers in the movie industry.

“I was on set with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann and they were the most inspirational and amazing women I had the honor to work with. They were really helpful in my experience with the movie, and I really appreciated all of their advice and all of their encouragement throughout the movie set.”

The second reason is that most of Kate Upton’s recent modeling gigs seem to be adding more and more layers of clothing. The first notice of a change was Kate posing with a baseball team wearing their uniform, not a sports bikini or anything sexy. Then a recent Golf Digest issue featured Arnold Palmer and Kate Upton golfing. Once again, she was fully clothed. (But that was likely a safety concern, since having Upton naked would have given Palmer a heart attack.)

It’s possible the views of the model may be changing as well. Kate Upton didn’t even dress up this year for Halloween, but she did give some advice. While it may seem odd for her to say, she seems to want to take her sexy back:

“I don’t think that Halloween is about being too slutty or too sexy. I think it’s about committing to your costume.”

Lastly, Kate Upton is dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy so it’s possible she might desire to back off from nude photo shoots in the near term. After all, she once said she “never set out to be on the runway” and has more of long term career interest in acting, although she did admit she’d like to own her own lingerie line.

Why do you think Sports Illustrated released a video portraying Kate Upton nude in body paint almost a year after the fact?

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