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10-Year-Old Atlanta Girl Starved To Death By Father And Stepmother

emani moss

In the latest shocking story out of Atlanta a 10-year-old girl was found dead, stuffed into a trash bin. The young girl was severely malnourished as well as being full of bruises and welts, presumably from beatings.

The child, who was called Emani Moss, had tried to run away from her abusive father and stepmother on a few occasions and often arrived at school with evidence on her body that she had endured physical abuse.

When Emani’s body was found in the trash bin in Lawrenceville on Saturday, it was charred from being burned. It was also covered in welts and bruises.

The father of the child, Eman Moss, and her stepmother, Tiffany Moss, have been charged with concealing a body, child cruelty and murder. They are being held without bond in the Gwinnett County jail.

The autopsy report showed that Emani was only burnt after she was killed, most likely as an attempt to hide her dead body. The report also showed that Emani was severely underweight, and had been completely denied food for days prior to her tragic death.

In 2010, when Emani was just six-years-old, she told a nurse at the school she attended that she was afraid to go home with a bad report card due to the threat of violence from her parents.

On further investigation the same school nurse found welts and bruises on Emani’s chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. When Tiffany Moss was questioned she alleged that she only hit her stepdaughter with a belt a total of three times. She was arrested at that time for child cruelty.

It remains to be seen what sentence will be given to the couple who abused their daughter, seemingly to death.

What do you think the punishment should be for the crimes perpetrated against Emani? Share your thoughts with us in the comments feed below.

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109 Responses to “10-Year-Old Atlanta Girl Starved To Death By Father And Stepmother”

  1. Joan Anderson Weyburn

    The parents should have the same things done to them too.

  2. Stacey Fry

    I think that they both should be sentenced to the extent of the law but they are not the only ones, why wasn't there something done? Why was that little girl sent back to that home? Why isn't any of the school officials being held responsible with obvious proof that there was abuse going on??? Such a sad story, the little girl cried out and asked for help, yet no one gave it to her. May she rest in peace and forever be in Gods love.

  3. Lori Lubas

    they should go without food and water for 30 days…no shower or bed to lie on …shit in a bucket with no toilet paper..get a beaten 2x daily with a belt….and then after 30 days…get gasoline poured on them and light a match to them and let them suffer…the bastards !!! no jail time…that would be a luxury they dont deserve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joanna Braxton

    What the HELL is wrong with this system that is supposed to protect these children from monsters. She was obviously being abused and the school records documents that! This is so beyond disgusting. Such a beautiful child. These parents need to be pierced and hung by their genitals and then burned in a dumpster. And really? She was "called" Emani Moss? Did she not even have a name of her own, the egotistical sick father called her a derivative of HIS name?

  5. Lesley Sauls Mundy

    I don't inderstand why this poor baby wasn't taken out of the home or the veryyy least monitered by the school nurse or CPS… may she finally rest in peace. Her father & step mother HAVE to receive the death penalty… period.

  6. Janette Godisgracious Spraags

    When will we pay attention to our children? This did not have to happen and I would rather God handle this but the law gets the first shot…..

  7. Karen Padalecki Dawson

    Thrown in general population and paraded naked around the yard so the others can stone them, than thrown them in solitary confinement for the rest of their iives.

  8. Lisa Smith

    Slow painful death! Starved and beaten at the same time locked up with no lights, windows, or beds. Let them go insane thinking about what they have done. Bit no quick fast death. Slow, very slow!

  9. Mary J Anway Maxam

    Someone dropped the ball again!!!! for god sakes burns ,bruises, and she told and they did nothing,I am heart sick this could of been prevented! R.I.P. precious angle so sorry for what happened to you! :( !

  10. Theresa Schmitt

    stick them in isolation for a week with no food an occasional ass whoopin then beat them near to death stuff them in a trash can and set them on fire…..people who do things like this to children should get EXACTLY what they gave!!!

  11. Susan Ann Shriver Howell

    And yet there are so many people that want to adopt, and are having so much trouble finding a child. These people were given the gift of a child and look what they did. Shameful just shameful.

  12. Keith L. Emerson Sr.

    Tax dollars at work, oh that's right budget cuts, don't have any money for kids after they are born. Child welfare understaffed. More problems then they can handle.

  13. Tina Avery

    Beat them, burn them, starve them and shove them in a trash bin. Death penalty would be too good for them!

  14. Diana Addison Szurek

    torture them the same way they did that baby how dare people have children do this to them and the school and people their who didn,t report it should lose their jobs and be put on their work history never be able to work with children again this poor baby didn,t deserve this gods going to end this horrible world

  15. Joanne Nicini Gibbons

    I don't understand it! The system is supposed to PROTECT kids, not throw them back to the wolves!!!! Well it failed this poor child. Everyone involved failed this sweet child.

  16. Heather Kandra

    :( this is so depressing …. poor baby girl …. parents, school officials, and cps should all get punishment… no one helped this little girl she had no one to protect her… nobody did a damn thing to help this little angel and that is pathetic and horribly tragic! Every thing about this is sickening…. they need to go to hell and get the ultimate punishment!

  17. Marisol Zuniga

    Ummm the charges shouldnt only be for the parents but for the school staff or whoever knew of this abuse and didnt do a dammm fukin thing, excuse me of my language but this shit makes me very very upset how the hell was the school staff still sending this child home when they knew very well that this abuse was taking place…I SAY CHARGE THE PARENTS DEFANATELY BUT ALSO CHARGE THE SCHOOL

  18. Cindy Hunsinger

    Let them be put in jail and someone leak what they did to the general population!!! Prisoners will take care of them like they did that poor little angel!!!

  19. Judee Yerion

    Another sad story of a child crying out for help and nothing transpired. Yes, the parents are guilty but so are the other adults that let this child down. This happens far too often throughout our country. We all need to hang our heads in shame…neighbors, community, city, state. We need to lift all our voices in unison to SAVE THE CHILDREN here!!!

  20. D.j. Huntley

    Oh I think the prison inmates will give them their JUST PUNISHMENT

  21. Etta Edmonson Craine

    Both parents should be tried and convicted of First Degree Murder and spend two life sentences each in prison.

  22. Sandra Lassen

    The question should be what should be done to the social workers and system that let this child be returned to this home? It goes without saying the parents should never see the light of day again.

  23. Fay Thacker

    So why was she given back to the bitch,,,and her dad,,,,no not dad sperm donor,,,,,,,,,why isn't the state being investigated,,,

  24. Annette L Ryner

    I know it'll never happen, but they should die, the same, slow, painful, ungodly way that child endured. OK please tell me, where again, was DCFS (Child Services) in this? There was a paper trail in what I just read, really?

  25. Annie Ann Del Rio

    they should starved please leave the children alone this little girl cried out for help but no one really cared
    Rest In Peace little one no will can hurt you now

  26. Paris Reynolds

    I hear this stories all too often and they make my heart just break for these children……what makes me even sicker is………what about the children who live is similar households……seems nobody is protecting these little angels…..our lives are busy and we have so much on our plates that it's difficult to monitor what goes on behind closed doors…………..however, in this case responsible adults were well aware, yet no one helped that innocent little girl….although jail sounds like a great idea…….I have a different take………….these people should never be allowed to bare another child and instead of costing tax payers……filling up jails with scum like that…..I believe all heinous criminals should be fixed and then sent to live on a very isolated island where there is no hope of escape…..let them beat/rape/murder each other……….the less we know the better off we'd all be.

  27. Pam Webb

    She is in Gods loving hands now….How could anyone let this little girl go back to such cruelty?..My heart is breaking over this…Did anyone think to check on her when she missed school ?..Her monsters were at home and this poor girl fell through the cracks … The child wefare should have never given this child back to her parents….SHAME ON THEM..Rest in Peace EMANI…I know you are not suffering anymore…the lord is smiling at you now…sweet Emani..

  28. Kim Dufour Garrido

    So horrible!! That poor baby! How she must have suffered!! The death penalty is too good for those monsters! The school nurse and anyone else who knew and did nothing should also be looking out behind bars!!

  29. Chris Sanchez

    I sincerely doubt that the death penalty is needed. Just slap them in the general population of Georgia's prisons. The prisoners will take care of the problem for the state. There is hierarchy among criminals. Child abusers and murderers are waaaaay down on the bottom.

  30. Linda Simmons

    Why was she sent back to a home like that? I do feel they deserve to be put to death but starved and beat first.

  31. Chandradaughterof Janettegranddaughter Ofjames

    SMH you know I get upset when people mess with kids especially since E Man died.

  32. Mary Hares Franklin

    Yes, I think that the death penalty would be entirely fitting in a case like this. There is no ambiguity about it, no chance that the wrong people are being convicted and sentenced. The degree of "depraved indifference" to the little girl's suffering, right up to starving her to death, is deserving of the most severe penalty legal in that state. I also agree with the comment by Stacey Fry, that there needs to be an examination of the system at the school, that basically COLLUDED with the parents, through laziness or indifference.

  33. Rochelle Albers Moore

    That nurse should be held accountable an arrested an face the same punishment the parents get she as Much as covered there tracks not to report it So sad my heart is so sad right now!!!

  34. Kathy Wyatt

    Why wasn't the child taken out of the home in 2010 when she showed up with welts on her body , and the step mom was arrested for child cruelty , Now 3 years later the child is dead wth ….

  35. Marilyn Petrik

    An eye for an eye, they should definately die. I hope that they don't get off, but with our justice system who knows. That poor little girl, why in the hell didn't the school do anything, CPS should have done something.

  36. Marilyn Petrik

    Mar' Haugen Me to, I want to see them suffer, the way that little girl suffered.

  37. Joann Yeager

    I think that these two animals the did this to this poor little girl should be put to death after they starve and beat them like they did to her , if they make a good example out of people that do this , there wouldn't be alot of this happining , Death penalty for these to sorry excuses for humans

  38. Dianna Bennett-Sampson

    So sorry sweet baby. RIP. I hope your dad lives a painful and tortured life.

  39. Cathy Gray

    I am truly at a loss for words where the school and the system are concerned. Something should have been done. Child cruelty? Cruelty my ass!!! It's called abuse plain and simple! That child should have never been returned to the home she was in! I hope that precious child is at peace now knowing no one can ever hurt her again!!

  40. Robin Stone

    It is disgusting that she wasn't taken away from her parents and that it got to that point. They both need to be sentenced for every possible crime that was done to the beautiful and innocent child.

  41. Donna Cornell Rich

    WTF is wrong with people in general????? Look at how absolutely beautiful she was. How can these "people" worthless pieces of garbage look at these babies and hurt them like that, let alone look the other way while it's happening? I hope that nurse, teachers, and people in the system that knew about her will be tortured by their own consciences for the rest of their lives. It's only a small price to pay for what this little one and children like her have to endure. May God have mercy on them. Standing by and doing nothing and having the nerve to think well at least it wasn't me or mine, oh but how sad isn't enough. Recognizing it and asking why after the fact won't stop it. Please people protect the babies.

  42. Tracey Linn Johnson

    the gas chamber they are not worth the time and money its gonna take to feed them in prison no sense in it. i also think they should be starved until their gas chamber slowly though wouldn't want them to think it was over quick, then there is lil over site of a child repeatedly telling and nothing done think those people need to get checked for hearing or heart problems just sayin

  43. Polly Emery

    These parents should be starved, beaten, & burned alive. Incredibly sad our system failed this child, and what a cruel life she experienced

  44. Shirley Hazelwood

    What is wrong with the system when they know she had previously been beaten and under weight. She told a nurse that she was afraid to go home for fear of being beaten. DSHS is worthless they should be disbanded and start over with people who care about kids. These parents need to be thrown into prison with other inmates knowing what they did. The inmates will take care of them

  45. Christine Margarete

    I would like to know why this child was ever allowed back in that home, and why these people were not prosecuted when she was beaten and full of bruises before?

  46. Christine Margarete

    Put them into the general public in prison, and let all the inmates know why they are in prison. They will not last long.

  47. Christine Margarete

    Christina Robinson , yes it really is. Some things I just dont understand.

  48. Anita Bowman Banadyga

    The school should be in major trouble. It seems that they knew of the abuse the child was enduring for a long time and did nothing about it. Some jobs should be lost at the least, but nothing will probably be done because our school systems are nothing but a farce. Even education is not a priority anymore….much less caring about our children's safety…. this sweet child is much better off, in a much better place and with the one that will love and take care of her, and she will not have to suffer anymore abuse…..

  49. Anita Bowman Banadyga

    I have to explain that I don't believe all school systems are in the condition I was talking about. I know we have many fine schools and I have many friends in education…I am afraid that more and more schools are losing the heart to try to be excellent because of all the regulations and mandates imposed on them…but we do still have many great ones…

  50. Lisette Craft

    They should get life. Although this would not bring Emani back, it would still serve some sort of justice. I am extremely surprised the school/state did not intervene sooner based on the history. This is so sad, but she is in a better place.

  51. Kitty Skelson

    Do to them what they did to their little girl who COULDN'T fight back. STARVE THEIR ASSES and let them be beaten like the animals they are!

  52. Heather Michelle Wood

    Ya know there is no point in sentencing them to death, just put them in a general population prison and tell the prisoners what they did to this little girl. They won't last long at all, and the taxpayers won't have to pay to have him executed.

  53. Marcie McGowan

    why was she sent back to this awful home? why was she not taken away from her father and sent to a better home? Her father is guilty and many other people should have stepped in and protected this child.

  54. Jose Torres Jr.

    Death by hanging, lets set a new example, that if a kid dies under a parents care by either of the above actions then they will hang, snap their necks just like the two murderers in the movie 'In Cold Blood"

  55. Teresa Steadman

    They should both be beaten and starved for the next 10 years just as they did to that child, and no, I dont want to hear that its inhumane, where was the humanity for that poor child. They didnt show her any mercy, they do not deserve any.

  56. Teresa Steadman

    They should both be beaten and starved for the next 10 years just as they did to that child, and no, I dont want to hear that its inhumane, where was the humanity for that poor child. They didnt show her any mercy, they do not deserve any.

  57. Denise L. Ryan-Bigrigg

    What a beautiful little girl. God rest her soul.Its about time the death penalty starts getting put to use. no more life imprisonment. This is UNACCEPTBALE. If you start using the death penalty hopefully all these crimes will stop.

  58. Denise L. Ryan-Bigrigg

    What a beautiful little girl. God rest her soul.Its about time the death penalty starts getting put to use. no more life imprisonment. This is UNACCEPTBALE. If you start using the death penalty hopefully all these crimes will stop.

  59. Theresa Rolle

    They should be starved to death and regularly beaten while they are dying!!

  60. Theresa Rolle

    They should be starved to death and regularly beaten while they are dying!!

  61. Linda Lou

    Starved, beaten, burned alive! Put out the fire, feed them a little, and do it over and over..don't let them die until they suffer 1,000 fold.

  62. Bertie Boxley


  63. Lou Ann Warren

    I say the state also needs to be held accountable and even possibly the school system where she attended. Although signs were show and an arrest was made (briefly) they still kept here in the home that was abusing her. They all need to pay for the actions or lack of. I pray for the poor baby. She didn't have a chance.

  64. Gloria Polis

    What a beauty! How could they look into those gorgeous eyes and do her harm? There IS no punishment severe enough for them!

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