[Moron Dept.] Homeless check in to feed their doggie friends some treats

Okay, this isn’t really about the homeless and their doggie friends but it is about dogs getting some treats if their owner’s check in.

Look, I get the whole Twitter thing, in fact I use it daily and like it a lot; however I do not get this whole Fourquare, Gowalla, or any of those stupid location check in services where you vie for totally useless badges and get to broadcast where you are. Ya. Okay.

Anyway it seems that a dog food company has set up a billboard that in conjunction with Foursquare will dole out some samples of their product when the human part of the equation checks in at the billboard location.

I’m sure this might strike some as a smart marketing move but as far as I am concerned this is just moronic, much like the location stuff itself.

via Geekosystem