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Kellan Lutz Helps Stray Animals While Filming ‘Hercules’ In Bulgaria

Kellan Lutz is a hero on and off the big screen.

While filming his action flick Hercules: The Legend Begins in Bulgaria, the Twilight star helped a local no-kill animal shelter that’s in danger of losing its funding. As someone who owns two rescue dogs, the actor said he decided to lend the organization a hand.

In addition to spending their only day off assisting the kindhearted folks who run Animal Rescue Sofia, Kellan Lutz and some of the Hercules cast adopted a stray dog they discovered roaming around all by itself.

“We found him wandering on the street in traffic. We took him home and then brought him here to Animal Rescue Sofia where he is now being brought back to life, back to health, and will find a happy home and never be abandoned again,” the Arena star recently explained to Yahoo! News.

Lutz continued, “I love animals. The great thing about this facility is that they don’t turn any dogs away. The hard part is they are running out of funding.”

According to KpopStarz, Kellan Lutz recently shared some information about Animal Rescue Sofia on his official Facebook page. The actor said the organization is in danger of losing its funding. The group is hoping to raise upwards of $300,000 to build a new facility to help the stray animals. Lutz recently shared a video about the shelter with his fans.

“After seeing the many stray dogs in Bulgaria, myself and the cast of ‘Hercules’ couldn’t stand by and not do something to help Animal Rescue Sofia. Please watch and share, team. Every action we take, no matter how small, helps in the greater good,” Lutz wrote.

Check out a video about Animal Rescue Sofia below. If you have a serious soft spot for animals, then prepare to shed a few tears. The clip definitely tugs at the heartstrings.

The organization said of Lutz’s involvement with their cause:

“Disturbed by the sight of so many stray dogs along the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria the cast of ‘Hercules: The Legend Begins’, visit Animal Rescue Sofia in an effort to raise much need funds to keep the shelter open. The goal is to raise 210,000 euro by the end of the year in order to buy a new facility, after losing the lease of their current building.”

Are you a fan of Kellan Lutz? What do you think about the Hercules: The Legend Begins star helping out with Animal Rescue Sofia?

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