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Chris Christie Yells At School Teacher: ‘You People! Just Do Your Job’

Chris Christie Yells at Female Teacher in New Jersey

There are two things New Jersey governor Chris Christie loves more than anything, stuffing his face and yelling at teachers who are just trying to do their job. On Saturday he chose the latter, freaking out on a teacher who asked him a simple question during a Rutgers football game.

New Jersey public school teacher, Melissa Tomlinson, approached Christie and his wife and asked “Why do you portray New Jersey Public Schools as ‘failure factories?'”

Chris Christie, not one to shy away from a fight with an innocent school teacher, shouted: “You People! Just Do Your Job.”

He also fell into his typical routine of jabbing his finger in the teachers face as if wagging a finger at a dog who did something wrong.

Tomlinson says she is proud that she asked the question nobody else was asking.

Chris Christie is a shoe-in for another term as New Jersey governor, that basically means he could care less about what his constituent asked because his ticket is already temporarily written. However, with talk surrounding a possible 2016 presidential candidacy it will be interesting to see how Christie turns his outward hatred for New Jersey teachers into an educational platform for all of America.

Playing devils advocate, the New Jersey education system has actually improved in some areas since Chris Christie took over as governor of the state. The State of New Jersey Department of Education showcases some interesting improvements from 2009 through 2011. You can view the states scoring HERE.

Dave Weigel of Slate snapped a picture of the incident and posted it to Twitter for the world to see Chris Christie’s charming side:

Chris Christie Yelling at Teacher

New Jersey residents should have learned by now that approaching Chris Christie in public is likely trying to calming talk down a rabid dog, it tends to end with a lot of barking and slober and the uneasy feeling that you may have lost your life had you not backed away when you did.

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21 Responses to “Chris Christie Yells At School Teacher: ‘You People! Just Do Your Job’”

  1. CJ Of'the Phoenix

    Those so-called gains have nothing to do with the Christie & Co. changes, but more to do with the hard work and years of training by NJ's outstanding teachers. He was not even in office long enough to make a difference to most of the teachers in the state. Now we can see how his lack of funds, his inability to fix dilapidated schools, and how his charters kids hurt as they are bounced out of them. He is in with the charter and ed-deform corporations to make more $$$. I guess Mary Pat *shiver* doesn't make enough.

  2. Paul Edward B

    I really laughed when the add below the image of Christie was an advertisement for bacon pancakes and other pancake recipes.

  3. Wayne Johnson

    Spelling and grammar errors are for ignorant conservatives and tea-ba

  4. Caroline Croce O'Hare

    This is who people who are voting in for a 2nd term, this man is a moran and should not be in political office.

  5. Bruce Walker

    Bring her around , if the truth hurts . I'd be more then happy to tell her how F up are teacher's are . Lazy , they want to let computers do there teaching for them . I don't like him but I can respect him . He's was on his own time , what give her the right to ask him any thing ? . He was with his wife trying to enjoy some time with her , he did better then I would of , she would of got a ear full from me . And all you cry baby teachers can kiss my FAT ASS ! Just saying .

  6. Kelly Gulick

    he doesnt hate teachers ! he is clearly stating the fact that they along with everyone else in any job, should be compensated based on merit…not time served!

  7. Kelly Gulick

    i had some really crappy teachers growing up..but i had some great ones too. Unfortunately, like any profession…one bad apple always spoils the bunch

  8. Tyson Smashinonmidgets

    Cheryl Reinert Or went to one of the many piss poor public schools in this country.

  9. Dianne Fenton Elison

    Lisa, I thought you would be more concerned about where the information is coming from…one sided reporting is not supposed to influence your viewpoint. And name calling is beneath you.

  10. Philip Nell

    I hate it when reporters 'slober' the news.. they are 'likely' kids who don't understand the red underline means you can't spell and the green or blue underline means your grammar is poor as well!

  11. Lisa Calobrisi Raimondo

    Dianne Fenton Elison I have never liked him….unfortunately I didnt get out to vote today because I am sick in bed, but he definitely would not have gotten my vote.

  12. Brunie Reyes

    I'm sure that 99% of the teachers do their job…do parents do their job? That's where the problem is, believe it or not! I taught for 33 years and always did my job, gave the extra mile, worked with the comunity but the problem was the parents did not do their job. No discipline, no study habits and they expected us to do their job! Sad to say but that was my experience!

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