There is motorcycle sweetness and then there is this awesomeness

I have never ridden a motorcycle but I have friends who have, everything from Yamaha Shadows to custom Harley’s, and through them I have a real love of a finely crafted machinery.

Now I’ve posted some images of pretty sweet looking motorcycles here before but when I saw this beauty it dwarfed everything else I have posted but I’ll let the images speak for themselves and let you decide.

Splendid reinterpretation of bagger by designer Erik Dunshee on behalf of Honda Americas, a small return on this very exclusive Honda 1300 Slammer, a superb preparation produced on the basis of the already generous 1300 Honda Stateline.Lowered, widened and lengthened by the standards of the bagger, the 1300 Honda Slammer is also equipped with air suspension, a new body incorporating the luggage bags and beautiful 23-inch rims.And for lovers of good sound, we also note the presence of a hifi system board including three speakers and a subwoofer 10 inch powered amplifier not a 500w.Discovery of this motorcycle except in pictures afterwards!

via TrendsNow