Eminem Acting Career Over? Marshall Mathers Drops 'Southpaw' Movie

Eminem Acting Career Over? Marshall Mathers Drops ‘Southpaw’ Movie

Is Eminem’s acting career already over?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Eminem’s hit single Berzerk is being featured on Saturday Night Football.

Eminem, or Marshall Mathers, has not had much luck at all with the Southpaw movie project. Almost a year ago filming was put on hold so Eminem could get back to recording music. He even turned down Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, which was a pretty good SciFi flick, and also bailed on a movie project called Shady Talez, which apparently would have been good for a Halloween release.

Southpaw tells “the story of left-handed boxer who wins a title but soon after suffers a personal tragedy, forcing him to reexamine and rebuild his life and win the respect of his young daughter.” With Eminem gone for good Jake Gyllenhaal may take up the slack by taking the lead role.

So where does that leave Eminem’s acting career? He doesn’t have any other film projects or offers set up for the moment. The last time we actually saw Marshall Mathers in a movie was in 2008 for the release of Funny People.

Still, Hypable seems to think Eminem’s acting career could still be a good idea:

“No one would be blamed for thinking Eminem’s acting career would go the way of Ice Cube. Rappers get notoriously terrible movies (or maybe they’re just notoriously terrible actors), and why would anyone think any different about 8 Mile, a movie loosely based off of Eminem’s own life? Except that 8 Mile is actually good. And not only was it good, but Marshall Mathers led the movie like a veteran actor, easily switching between the comedy and the drama.”

Of course, it’s hard to judge how good an actor Eminem could be when he was essentially playing as himself instead of a role that’s dramatically out of character for Marshall Mathers. What do you think?