Mega iOS App Submitted To Apple

Kim Dotcom Submits Mega iOS App To Apple For Approval, Makes Other Announcements

Kim Dotcom announced on Friday that his Mega app for iOS has been submitted to Apple for approval. Dotcom revealed that the app was submitted on Thursday. He also announced that a Sync client is coming soon for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Dotcom didn’t stop there, announcing that his engineers are working to improve the Mega.Co.Nz website, making it faster and more stable for users.

Here are Kim Dotcom’s own words for the upgrade:

is also launching a new and improved site with our iOS app. Faster & better than ever. Encrypted communication features will follow.

Sync for Windows, Mac and Linux coming soon. We did a beta test with 150 users and are currently fixing some bugs.

The Mega iOS app arrives after the company acquired and relaunched a free Android app in July 2013. When the Google Android app for Mega was launched, Kim Dotcom announced that an iOS app and Windows Sync client were already “in the final stages of development.”

We don’t know how far along the Windows, Mac, and Linux apps are from completion. However, given Mega’s history with pushing out products as quickly as possible, we doubt it will be much longer.

Kim Dotcom may be touting the new Mega Sync feature, but he has given very few details about the product. From what we can ascertain, the program will work like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive, offering customers the ability to create a virtual drive on their devices, which allows for drag and drop file storage and retrieval.

With excellent tier pricing and a platform that continues to grow at breakneck speeds, we won’t be surprised if Mega.Co.Nz soon poses a real challenge to Dropbox and other file store competitors.

Are you excited to get your hands on the Mega iOS app when it finally gain Apple App Store approval?