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Obama Approval Rating Worse Than George W. Bush, Considered More Of An “Incompetent Liar”

Obama Approval Rating Worse Than George W Bush

The Obama approval rating as been falling rapidly, making comparative ratings worse that George W. Bush during the same time period of Bush’s presidency.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the nation has been keeping a close eye on comparative approval ratings between Presidents Obama and George W. Bush.

At the height of Obama’s presidency he stood tall with a 58 percent approval rating. But but in May Obama’s approval rating stood at just 54 percent and as time has passed throughout the year, it has dipped to as low as 37 percent in October.

It is at this point in which President Obama dipped below George W. Bush in popularity, who stood at 49 percent near the beginning of his second term in office. The numbers tell the complete story of the difference between Obama’s presidency and Bush’s. From September of their first years in office until winter/spring of their fourth years, Bush was far more popular than Obama, at least as measured by approval ratings. Obama caught up in the first half of 2012, and has hovered around the same approval rating as Bush until recently.

Statistician Nate Silver weighs in on the comparative numbers game for the last seven presidents:

“The seven presidents were quite popular, on average, in their first term. Their approval ratings averaged 59 percent throughout their first term, and 57 percent in the final year of their first term, when they faced an election. By contrast, the same presidents averaged a 48 percent approval rating during their second term. Moreover, their approval ratings declined throughout their second term – to an average of only 42 percent by the final year of their second term.”

It’s been speculated that Obama has merely continued many of Bush’s administration policies, leading to a cynical view towards Obama’s core message of “hope and change”. Though the two president’s haven’t been directly compared in any poll in a head-to-head style, the numbers that have been coming in throughout the last month seem to speak for themselves.

Recent “word cloud” polls tell a story of the nation’s distrust of Obama, and their view of his presidency, which appears at this point to be pretty negative. In the word cloud format, the word “incompetent” was used for both presidents, and Bush beat Obama in the word “honest” with 31 percent to 18 percent. The word “liar” was also on the menu with Bush again edging out Obama at 18 percent to 13 percent. Still, President Obama hasn’t quite reached George W. Bush’s all-time-low for his approval rating, which stood at 25 percent near the end of his presidency.

So what do you think, was George W. Bush actually a better president than the current President based upon the Obama approval rating?

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31 Responses to “Obama Approval Rating Worse Than George W. Bush, Considered More Of An “Incompetent Liar””

  1. Joe Worden

    Bush was far more competent the Obama ever will be. Obama only had 143 days of experience, the rest of his time was as a community organizer.

  2. Preston Ward

    I honestly cannot believe anyone could even ask such a question. Obama may not be perfect, but he's an exponentially better president than that idiotic criminal and mass murderer George Bush. I suppose Bush's role in allowing 9-11 to happen doesn't even matter at all. OF COURSE Obama is a better president than BUSH!!!

  3. José Emanuel Salcedo

    Makes sense. Keep in mind this guy won a Nobel Peace Prize, after promising the bring the troops home. And then proceeded to let the World know he wants to invade Syria.

  4. Steven Lapham

    you guys really this stupid in real life? regardless of the fact that obama has turned out to be pretty much a shit president to this point, bush was an absolute, unmitigated disaster. and the writing on this article is pathetic. did you get a three year old to write this? do better guys. america needs you right now and youre out somewhere with your fingers up each others butts.

  5. Julie D. Keairns-Pickett

    President Obama is twice as good a President as George Bush!! It's congress that needs to be voted out! They are willing to risk everything to make President Obama look bad!

  6. Kelli Brown

    Both presidents are both liars and they have both made this country in debt. Obama not only brought our troops back but he fired a lot of them for no reason. Obama is very selfish. This country is in debt bc him n his wife spent trillions of dollars taking there families on vacation, this is money that he couldn't even afford so now this country has to pay for it. He is taking homestead away from the elderly and cut down foodstamps from people that can't afford to feed there kids and from the elderly that only make $300 a month and also from disabled people. Obama is making us get insurance and pay an arm n a leg for it or we get fined.. That's ridiculous.. Obama needs impeached.

  7. Ana Betancourt

    Given half the chances and support that Bush got Obama's rating would be quite high…As the first black president in America, he is breaking ground.

  8. Holly Palmeter

    Congress didn't make Obama look bad…actually Obama is doing this all to himself..He's been playing the blame game since elected. I guess you are several of the people that wanted Hope…all you're getting is Change..I've never seen this country so divided.

  9. Anonymous

    Obama took over a bad situation and made it ten times worse! He is the most incompetent ever to occupy the white house. He takes lying to new heights. When he came to power the economy was in shambles and he spends all his time on the worst piece of legislation ever – Obamacare, and spends all his effort on it even though he, nor anybody else apparently even read it. He has bungled every crisis that has arisen. He has pitted all races against each other, rich against poor, young against old etc. He has been the most divisive president ever. He seems not to understand the least thing about economics. He is a radical left wing extremist incompetent liar.

  10. Chris Folsom

    He is quite good at making himself look bad. You can tell where people get their news. Reporters are threatened with their jobs by this administration if they report the truth on this guy! Most corrupt administration EVER!

  11. Venita Morgan Houston

    The Dems are such empty headed gullible Koolaid drinkers… Obama is destroying this Country… REad this webpage and you will see what he is all about and where he came from and why he is doing the things he is doing to destroy our nation… It is shocking .. He is a communist Athiest .. LIar, and muslim terrorist admitted… The first part of the page tells of his birth place and event surrounding that and the last part of the webpage is what everyone needs to be reading .. Please read this and pass on to everyone you know…

  12. Anonymous

    obama is doing this to himself. he is a lying bastard. he needs to go.

  13. Anonymous

    Perhaps you could cite some facts. I strongly opposed GW Bush, but I think Obama is worse. Much worse.

  14. Anonymous

    I really don't understand this kind of thinking. A liberal woman I know, who's having a near nervous breakdown because of Obama's unbelievable string of unrelenting failures, screeched, "Obama wanted to pass a good health care law, but they wouldn't let him!" I asked her who wouldn't let him. "Congress! The Republicans!" When I pointed out that the Democrats controlled both houses of congress and passed Obamacare without even one Republican vote, she inexplicably continued to screech that "they" wouldn't let him do what he wanted, but couldn't explain further.

  15. Steve Kusek

    morelli2718 Just off the top of my head…
    -Failed attempt to get the leader behind 9/11.
    -Took resources from Afghanistan to engage in the complete clusterf*ck that was Iraq.
    -A feckless reaction to Hurricane Katrina.
    -A torture program that went against all American values.
    -The worst financial collapse since the Great Depression.

  16. Mario D. Correale Sr.

    Do you know what Congess does??? It represents the people and pays the bills for whatever administration is in control ! Keep blaming the wrong people, Congress tried to stop this president fom spending more money and the trainwreck,"Obama-Care" !

  17. Charles Longley

    The difference between the two is Obama straight out lies….Bush didn't really lie he just didn't do what everybody wanted. In some way they all lie to a degree but Obama takes it up a notch

  18. Charles Longley

    I don't see how a tragic event such as 9-11 was his fault….it happened no matter who was in office

  19. Cindy Rentzer

    Riley T. Stevens(.. I agree Kelli Brown is an idiot.,Get your facts together before you post.

  20. Kelli Brown

    I do have my facts straight.. Both of u can kiss my as$.. We all are in different states.. I'm going by what I read and here on the news and from what's happening in my state bc of him.. So explain y we are losing jobs.. And explain y Obama fired some of our military guys and didn't even want to pay them

  21. Kelli Brown

    I do have my facts straight.. Both of u can kiss my as$.. We all are in different states.. I'm going by what I read and here on the news and from what's happening in my state bc of him.. So explain y we are losing jobs.. And explain y Obama fired some of our military guys and didn't even want to pay them

  22. Steve Groff

    Um drone attacked have killed many innocent people and the attacks have trippled since Bush left office. The difference in Bush and Obama isn't much at all. I mean a president is a puppet and if Romney had won not much would be different. They let you vote to make you Think you have a choice.

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