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Boston Riot: Police Deployed As Fans Get Rowdy After Red Sox World Series Win

Boston Riot: Police Deployed As Fans Get Rowdy After Red Sox World Series Win

Boston has seen reports of a riot in the wake of the World Series victory by the Red Sox, with property destruction reported both in the city and on the UMass campus.

Police began preparing for a possible Boston riot even before Game 6 of the World Series came to a conclusion, deploying a cadre of officers to the area near the stadium. But the police presence has not been enough to stop some fans, as some witnesses have tweeted pictures of rowdy crowds that have clogged streets and begun climbing on trees and light posts.

The city had actually been preparing for weeks for this period, which saw not only a Red Sox World Series appearance but also a visit by President Obama.

“The World Series, a visit from the president, and Halloween all at the same time. You can’t make this stuff up,” said Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis.

The Red Sox finished out the World Series on Wednesday night, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals for the team’s first championship-clinching game at home since 1918.

After the team won and tens of thousands of fans filtered out of Fenway Park and into the streets of Boston, police were ready in case a riot broke out.

Witnesses reported seeing vans full of Boston police in riot gear arriving at Fenway just before the conclusion of the game.

Despite the strong police presence, unrest still broke out after the World Series game ended. Some fans began sharing evidence of the Boston Red Sox riots via social media, including a picture of a fan who had climbed to the top of lamp post as others revelers looked on and took photographs.

The Boston riot was not the only unrest in Massachusetts in the wake of the Red Sox victory in the World Series. Others reported rioting on UMass campus, which in the past has been the scene of a number of student riots.

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10 Responses to “Boston Riot: Police Deployed As Fans Get Rowdy After Red Sox World Series Win”

  1. Christine Guinn

    Just shows how classless Boston fans are. Stuff like this has NEVER happened in St. Louis!

  2. Christine Guinn

    Matt Shibles – Let me get this straight, you're saying that St. Louis sucks because we DON'T go crazy, act like animals, and riot when we win a World Series? I think that explains everything people need to know about Boston fans.

  3. Jeff Opalka

    That easily wins as most ignorant post of the day. If that were the case, then typical "red" behavior is being hopped up on meth, pumping out unwanted babies because you don't believe in abortion, but then starving them because they don't support themselves.

  4. Courtney Ringle

    Matt Shibles it means that we DONT suck and have more respect for our city and our Players. thats what it means. Stay classy.. oh wait.. too late…

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