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Brianne Altice: Teacher Admits To Sex With Student At Her Home, In Public Park

Brianne Altice: Teacher Admits To Sex With Student At Her Home, In Public Park

Brianne Altice has been arrested in her home in Utah and is accused of having sex with at least one of her students.

The 34-year-old was taken into police custody on Monday and charges with two felony counts of unlawful sex with a minor. Police learned of the alleged incidents after a victim came forward to report a relationship that lasted more than a year.

The case against Brianne Altice appears to be solid. Police said the victim was able to accurately describe tattoos on her body and also disclosed details of the interior of her home. At least one of those encounters took place in a park in nearby Kaysville, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

“With the assistance of the Davis County Sheriff’s Office Ms. Altice was interviewed and evidence from the residence corroborated the victim’s statement,” a Kaysville Police Department news release noted. Investigators also photographed Altice’s tattoos and searched her home.

After police read her Miranda rights, Brianne Altice reportedly admitted to having sex with the teenager at least twice, once at her home and the other time at a park.

The boy was reportedly between 15 and 16 when the affair started, and had Altice for a teacher at Davis High School.

Police did not say if Altice was married, but a page in her name on the district’s website showed a picture of her with a man and two young children. The page has since been taken down.

When news of her arrest was released, students at the school said they were shocked.

“She always wanted to be liked,” Kylee Carroll, a student at Davis High School, told KUTV. “I just didn’t think that she would ever do something like this.”

The allegations are even more shocking given the reputation of Davis High School as one of the elite schools in the state.

“This high school is a great high school. It has a fantastic reputation across the state,” district spokesman Chris Williams told KUTV. “So I’m sure today there are some teachers out there wondering, ‘What does this do for the reputation?'”

Police said they are now looking into the possibility of further victims. Brianne Altice has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

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3 Responses to “Brianne Altice: Teacher Admits To Sex With Student At Her Home, In Public Park”

  1. Ally Quinn

    Wow what a gorgeous girl and she had a gorgeous family. For two nights minimum of sex she threw it all away as well as her career. She will never ever be able to work with kids as she will fe a sexual offender for life. I am sad for her throwing it all away. How sick. Sad for the kid but wonder why he took two years to talk. I wonder if there are more victims. This is really sad all the way around and I have to say no kid is worth my career or my family. This is unreal.

  2. Nathaniel Hamrick

    Most people don't care about these stories. Women do, sure, but a lot of guys just laugh, and some even envy the students.


  3. Benjamin Benning

    Why could this not happen to me when I was in high school? All my teachers were dinosaurs and looked like Mrs. Doubtfire. If that happened to me in HS with a techer that even looked remotely like Brianne, I would have kept my mouth SHUT during my entire HS career. Hell, I might have even failed a couple of times to stay back and enjoy it.

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