Apple iPhone 5 NFC Capable

Welcome To The 21st Century Apple, iPhone 5 May Get NFC

If current Qualcomm rumors are true, the iPhone 5 and it’s Qualcomm chipset may offer NFC technology. According to several sources for The New York Times, near-field wireless technology will be included in either the upcoming 2011 Qualcomm chipset update or the following chipset.

It’s still unclear if that new chipset will be a variant or successor to the MDM6600, however it would make sense that a the chipset would be related since the older chip offers both GSM and CDMA connectivity including 3G and Apple now offers both type of devices through AT&T and Verizon Wireless respectively.

According to Electronista:

They also detailed some of the back infrastructure. A user could link the credit card information from iTunes to payments with a phone swipe. It’s implied the method wouldn’t replace alternative payment methods but would help users get ready more quickly if they already have iTunes accounts.

If you’re not a fan of iOS, Microsoft is also said to be preparing Windows Phone 7 devices for the NFC offering using the same Qualcomm chips. The move by Microsoft makes sense since Nokia promised that all of their phones would offer NFC by 2011 and Microsoft just signed a deal to supply WP7 on various Nokia Smartphones.

NFC is definitely getting a push with Google Android 2.3 already supporting the technology and Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry line of devices pledging to implement NFC in future phones.

Are you excited to see NFC technology being implemented on a mass scale?