JFK eternal flame returned to gravesite.

JFK Eternal Flame Returned To Gravesite After Repairs

The eternal flame that burns at JFK’s gravesite was returned to its rightful place after repairs were made to the burner.

In a ceremony that took place on Tuesday at Arlington National Cemetery, the flame was taken from a temporary burner to its final resting place at the tomb of the 35th President of the United States.

Repairs began in April to replace components of the eternal flame’s burner. Contractors installed new gas and air lines, a new burner assembly and new drainage lines below the flame according to CBS.

The repairs to the JFK eternal flame were to be completed by May, but the work was only finished in October.

During the process, the flame was visible to tourists, who flock by the millions to visit the memorial for President Kennedy every year.

In Tuesday’s dedication speech, a statement was read which read:

“Today we transfer the flame from it’s temporary location, to the new, improved burner at its permanent location. Ensuring the iconic symbol of President Kennedy’s legacy continues to burn for future generations.”

The temporary flame was then transferred to the tomb site in which John F. Kennedy was buried after he was assassinated.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination and the eternal flame has been returned in time for the commemorations that will take place on November 22.

JFK Jr. salutes his father's casket in November 1963.