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Mother Gets 54 Years For Letting Husband Have ‘Daddy-Daughter Sex’ With Their 4-Year-Old From Birth

Mother Abuse Skype

In the latest shocking story out of Florida, a mother and father have been sentenced to jail time for having sexual relations with their four-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, since they were born.

What makes the story even more shocking is the fact that the father, Jonathan Adleta, is a decorated ex-U.S. Marine who received the ‘Purple Heart’ after serving in Afghanistan.

Sarah Adleta, aged 29, allegedly made a pact with her husband when she fell pregnant just before they got married. In the pact, the man talked his wife into sexually abusing whatever child she was carrying, when she gave birth.

The basis of Jonathan Adleta’s sick fantasy was, among other things, to engage in ‘daddy-daughter sex’ with his daughter. He apparently told Sarah when she was pregnant that he would only marry her if she agreed to let him abuse their child sexually when it was born.

She was also expected to do the same to her son, once he was born. After the couple divorced Sarah moved to Orlando, Florida, but on more than one occasion Jonathan convinced her to let him abuse his daughter sexually on Skype video calls.

On at least one occasion the mother brought her daughter to visit her ex-husband in Oklahoma, where he lived, so that he could engage in his sexual fantasies with the child.

During the case it was revealed that the girl had exhibited such disturbing sexual behavior that she needed to be removed from the foster home which had been caring for her since her parents were arrested.

According to records, even though the child was 4-years-old she had a developmental level of an 18-month-old, was malnourished and not potty trained.

Sarah Adelta’s father, who was in the court at the time of the trial, pleaded with the judge to give his daughter the maximum sentence.

For her part, Sarah Adelta claimed that she was blackmailed and manipulated by her husband and that she only let him abuse their daughter because she loved him deeply and also needed his financial support.

The case came to the police’s attention after a North Carolina man tipped the FBI off that he had received images of Sarah Adleta performing sex acts on the children. She was given two consecutive 27-year sentences while Jonathan Adleta was sentenced to 10 years to life.

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11 Responses to “Mother Gets 54 Years For Letting Husband Have ‘Daddy-Daughter Sex’ With Their 4-Year-Old From Birth”

  1. Terri Gott

    wow, what worthless parents, especially the Mother….They both should have got 54 yrs….

  2. Bill Hickman

    throw away the key…after you kill them and shit on thier graves.

  3. Lyn Smith

    This is why we need a CASTRATION LAW for reprobates like this father. And I can't understand WHY the so called father ONLY GOT 10 years! And whereas I feel that they BOTH need the death penalty if the father got castrated he would have to live with the consequences of what he did and the problems it entailed. The mother? Now she could use the death penalty!

  4. Lyn Smith

    Probably because she allowed ANYBODY to misuse her children. AND she took the poor little girl to that degenerate of a father!

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