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Wal-Mart Stampede Leaves Worker Dead, Pregnant Woman Injured (VIDEO)


A Wal-Mart worker is dead and a pregnant woman recovering from injuries following a Black Friday shopper stampede.

Employee Trampled

Police say the employee was trampled as shoppers pushed to get into the Long Island Wal-Mart location just after 5:00 a.m. Friday. The 34-year-old man was “knock[ed] to the ground” as a “throng of shoppers … physically broke down the doors,” a police statement says. The man had been hired for the holidays via a temp agency. He was declared dead within the hour.

Miscarriage Caused

As for the pregnant woman, witnesses say she was knocked out and found on the ground in the same area. She was rushed to the hospital, where reports indicate she suffered a miscarriage as a result of the trauma. At least three other customers were also hurt.

Wal-Mart Death Investigation

The store was closed shortly after the stampede. Wal-Mart says it is working with Nassau County Police to review surveillance video and fully investigate the incident.

Cell phone video from the scene is below, along with a news report from moments after the trampling. More Wal-Mart stampede video follows beneath that. Please be advised that some of the images may be disturbing.

Past Wal-Mart Stampede Video

Some attorneys say they have handled numerous lawsuits involving injuries from Wal-Mart stampedes on Black Friday. Some speculate there are thousands such cases across the country every year. Most, they indicate, end with confidential settlements with the retailer.

This video, from another Wal-Mart location on a Black Friday morning, shows just how intense and chaotic major retailers’ opening moments can become as eager shoppers rush into the opening doors.

Wal-Mart’s official statement on the Long Island Black Friday death calls it a “tragic situation.”

“The safety and security of our customers and associates is our top priority,” the company says.

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20 Responses to “Wal-Mart Stampede Leaves Worker Dead, Pregnant Woman Injured (VIDEO)”

  1. Natasha

    Those people are scum. How messed up is our society and how insanely obsessed are we with material SHIT when stuff like this can happen.

  2. Mandy84

    I really don't think that its human for people to be laughing and carrying on the video with the 47 year old Walmart employee. He was a human being, some one who had a family and it was the day after thanksgiving, who probally didn't want to be there in the first place. It just shows the ignorance that people have for one another . Something has to be done on black fridays, because people are evil

  3. Matt

    Notice where the incident happened and what race the people are. A labrador can breed with a pit-bull, but clearly they are two different species with different behavioral propensities. Statistics dictate that most rapists, murderers, and violent felons are African American, and hispanic. We must as a country begin to punish acts of haneous animalism with a brutality that will preclude animalistic behavior from happening. 50 years ago African Americans were too scared to act in animalistic ways which their genetics give them a propensity to act like. Some of the social changes that have occurred in this country since the civil rights movement facilitate, accomodate, and encourage this behavior. When we make examples of individuals that perpetrate heinous acts, those individuals who brazenly go through their lives recklessly endangering the lives of others(through reckless driving, gang activity, and acts such as the tramping at Walmart), will become too afraid to behave in a way which undermines what this country is, and makes what every veteran is dying for oversaeas a travesty. If you ask me America is dead, and this incident is just another laughable testament to our country's de-evolution. I voted for Obama, I think you'll see no change too. If prejudice is an unreasonable attitude for or against something, what does it say about our society when we fail to judge the behavior of minorities in a realistic light. I do not blame a snake for being venomous, or a dog for its bite. When we fail to look at a snake for a snake, and fail to take action against the dangers posed to us by the realities of its nature, we are ourselves the problem, not the snake. Tolerance and lack of action against the egregious acts committed by minorities on a regular basis has engendered them with a convoluted sense of self righteousness that threatens the fabric of our society, and our existence as a country. We must implement realistic measures to deal with reality; the real world is not a pink and yellow, warm and fuzzy place where the lions lay down with the lambs. If that was your son, brother, mother, or daughter that got trampled, how casually would you have reacted, how casually have you reacted since its not? What is the real problem here? Chances are if you look in the mirror, you'll see it.

  4. Loso

    Matt, you're an idiot. Stop spreading your insecurity-laden ignorance. And the statistical “facts” u propogate are off as usual for your type. Goodness…

  5. matt

    Dear Loso,
    Despite the fact that you don't like what I have to say, this does not make me an idiot, or put me into a “type” category. The fact that you are upset with my comments probably has something to do with the the unaviodable truth in them. I did not invent the statistics regarding the races of individuals populating our jails, nor did I invent the statistics regarding violent crime, which are a matter of public record, anywhere and everywhere you will look, without exception, the numbers dont lie. This may not appeal to the way you would like to percieve the world, this does not change reality. I am not a prejudiced man. This is exactly why I view the situation for what it is. If we are not able to learn from the mistakes of history, we are doomed to repeat them. I pride myself at being a fair man, I have been wrong, and enjoy evolving through learning from my mistakes. If you feel strongly enough to post a comment calling me an idiot, perhaps you would care to include facts or statistics which refute my opinions. Prejudice annoys me, numbers dont lie; if you are right and I am wrong, feel free to refute me, or further prove your ignorance by making comments that are contradicted by statistics. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe the national statistics which unequivocally substantiate the races of violent criminals have been fabricated by the man. Perehaps our government has painted the skin of the faces you will see if you visit any prison, and tampered with the nations Police records. There are more caucasian americans in poverty(we are still barely the majority, and no I don't believe in racial superiority, just take a walk through any trailer park), than there are African Americans or hispanics in poverty, why do the minorities make up the vast majority of criminals in our jails?

  6. wtf


  7. Jello

    made a well articulated right wing comment on this page that did not include any inappropriate language, and was in no way anything other than a frank social opinion regarding this article. Someone disagreed with it and I easily refuted them and furthered the point I made, which apparently was a point this page didn't want its viewers to see because they erased both my comments and the comments of the person whom I refuted(whose comments were innocent and very appropriate). It was apparent that some people making comments on this page also agreed with me. Our comments were taken off of this page because this page only posts comments that project its political agenda. This page is filtering the media they feed you so enjoy and wait for this comment to be taken off within 24 hours too.

  8. jello

    My name is matt and I had to write the above message under a new name(jello) and a new email adress. You see if the people that run this web page see a comment posted on this page which doesn't project their political agenda, they red flag your email adress and when you try to send another comment, a message pops up on your screen saing “comment is pending approval by a “mediator” or some other word they used starting with the letter m”. Basically the wont let you comment again if what you say is totally appropriate and they disagree with the politics of the comment. they also erase other comments that are made in response to your comment so that all traces of the opinion are erased.

  9. jello

    Yeah fuck you inquisitr, apparently the people who want to filter the media on this page aren't too bright…but they'll probably learn from their neolithic incompetence soon and find a better way to filter the media they feed you and prevent comments they disagree with from staying posted. What is the point of only posting bland comments. Isn't that a bit facist. what do they have a blog section for anyway, Oh… I guess thats pretty apparent.

  10. dosomethingwalmart

    If wal mart claims that the safety of their customers and associates is their top priority, why are these incidents so repetitive?

  11. Joanne

    This place “USA” has gone all to hell, people worried about xmas gifts ??? that isnt the meaning to christmas is it?? FOOLS that poor mans family has to have christmas with out there son, brother, grandson,uncle.. those people should be taken for all they have and wal-mart as well for not having more then one person open only ONE door. ..

  12. mad at the world

    I think the people that took this and commented on the work the PARAMEDICS were doing need to understand and know THEY were trained and KNOW what there doing compared to a cheap, broke, and ignorant person that had nothing better to do at 5am them record a mans last hours after sheilding a pregnant women from being hurt. Black friday is just a scam to gie low lives something to do and a place to be violent. because just as every walmart employee knows those damn sales are garbage they stay there until the day after xmas and go even lower so the welfare babies and thier mother need a hobby that dosent involve money. Its obvious they cant make it so they spend the people that do work's hard earned money and live like slums regardless. P.S. Im gald obamas president ALL THE BALCK PEOPLE THAT THINK JUST BECAUSE HE'S BALCK HE'S GOING TO LET THEM RIDE , HAVE ANOTHER THING COMING HE'S GOING TO FINALLY MAKE THEM WORK INSTEAD OF BEING ON WELFARE. Fucking mooches

  13. m

    it is a sad day when greed selfishness overpower the quality of a human life

  14. teacher

    it is a sad day when greed and selfihsness overpower the quality of a human life

  15. Deeply Sickened

    I hope and pray that people will realize how profit -centered Wal-Mart truly is and begin and continue to BOYCOTT forever. They are a sick and demented corporation that puts everyone around them out of business.

    If you need more information to become persuaded, watch Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price and that will certainly open your eyes if this tragedy didn't already!

  16. PAula

    I think that this should make people just”STOP” and think what we have become! For the love of God, a human being was trampled to death over a “Sale”. Since when did our so called socieity become so engrossed with a bargin that it became more important then a human life. I hope that the video of the actual even unvails the people responsible for the injuries and death , as well as charges brought agins those who walked over them for “Refusing to render aid”. All I can say is we have enough probelms here in the U.S. without going to other countries to bring peace. Seems to me we need “Peace” to give Christmas shopping right here in our own nation.
    My prayer are with anyone who has recieved a loss or injury due to the barbaric actions of others.

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