Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong

Ben Foster Is Lance Armstrong, First Shocking Image Released

Previously we reported that Ben Foster would be portraying disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong in the first of many biopics. While we agreed that the casting choice was brilliant due to Foster’s acting chops, we didn’t really know how Ben Foster would capture Armstrong in the looks department.

Having a first still of Ben Foster riding as Lance Armstrong and all of our doubts are now out the window. Not only is he lean like Armstrong, but he has that same look of determination on his face.

Ben Foster is just one actor who is gearing up for his portrayal of Lance Armstrong. Currently there are three other biopics aside from Stephen Frears that are in the works. It was rumored a while back that Bradley Cooper was up for one of the biopics but we haven’t really heard much about it.

Ben Foster’s Lance Armstrong is based on David Walsh’s investigative book called “Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong”. Walsh was skeptic of Lance’s accomplishments from the very beginning of his tour-de-force performance as a hailed cyclist, and started to follow the cyclist while investigating him.

Chris O’Dowd will be playing David as he fights for the truth in pursuit of unmasking Lance Armstrong following his 1999 win. Other actors joining Chris O’Dowd and Ben Foster are director Guillaume Canet, and Jesse Plemons in supporting roles.

As for the other Lance Armstrong script, Bradley Cooper is still in the race, and according to Deadline will act as producer for Scott Z. Burns biopic. Although we can’t deny Cooper’s abilities as an actor, it looks like Ben Foster has a major lead on him. Not much is known about Bradley Cooper’s take on Lance Armstrong, but we can’t really see him caught in the middle of a doping scandal. Ben Foster seems to be suited perfectly for that narrative.

Do you think Ben Foster looks like Lance Armstrong?