Ouya 2.0 Coming In 2014

The gaming console Ouya was met with a mix of applause and boos when it was released this year and company founder Julie Uhrman is hoping to silence the critics in year two. Uhrman said that the company is already working on Ouya 2.0 which could be released in 2014.

In an interview with Polygon, Uhrman said: “Our plan is to have Ouya 2.0 sometime next year, we haven’t finalized the date of that… We’re still determining what exactly we want that to be.”

Uhrman said that Ouya 2.0 is still in the conceptual phase but the company does have an idea of what fans should expect. For one, the new console will feature a new controller and improved performance. Shack News reports that one of the main criticisms of the Ouya console was that it wasn’t powerful enough.

Uhrman said: “For the hardware, we are looking at different chips. We are looking at what type of performance we want.”

Other gamers complained about the controller. Uhrman said that the company has been constantly revising the controller and that some customers have already received an upgrade.

Uhrman said: “The feel of the controller today is actually probably a lot better then in June… Our goal is to build a great controller. We wanted to build something that was ergonomic, that had great weight, that had a great feel, that offered developers a different way to develop games by including a touch pad in the design… (We are) fixing the triggers, fixing the thumbsticks and if that doesn’t work, we’ll iterate it again and if we decide that’s not the right path, we’ll change it.”