Sasha Ruseva Accused Of Selling The 'Blonde Angel' Roma Gypsy Child Named Maria

Sasha Ruseva Accused Of Selling The ‘Blonde Angel’ Roma Gypsy Child Named Maria

Sasha Ruseva is believed by police to be the mother of the “blonde angel” Roma child named Maria that Greek police seized in a Roma gypsy raid earlier this month. DNA tests have already confirmed this, but the story gets murkier from there on.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, police do not believe American baby Lisa Irwin is the Roma gypsy girl.

The Roma parents of Maria claim racism and bigotry is the reason they were accused of kidnapping their child, although they do stand accused of also forging documents and taking on multiple personas in order to receive more welfare benefits. Representatives of the Romani and other experts on the subject point out that Roma have been accused of abducting children for centuries and it’s become a long-standing myth.

The Roma couple named Hristos Salis and Eleftheria Dimopoulou went before a Greek magistrate and claimed the blonde angel had been left in their care in Farsala by Bulgarian nationals. The father claims he was not at the camp when the child was left there and had later urged his wife to hand her over to authorities. The wife backed her husband’s statement, claiming she refused to report the incident to authorities as she had grown attached to the child. Authorities decided to track down the Bulgarian couple through phone numbers the Roma couple gave them.

Police believe Sasha Ruseva is that Bulgarian national and a DNA test confirmed this claim. Sasha Ruseva is also of the Roma and is already a mother of ten children.

Like many Roma, Sasha Ruseva is dark-skinned but her husband, Atana Rusev, claims to have an albino gene in his family. For example, one of the other children of Sasha Ruseva is fair-skinned and has striking red locks of hair. Some of the other children have features similar to 4-year-old Maria.

She claims she did not sell Maria but was forced to leave her daughter in Greece after going there for work while pregnant with Maria. Due to family circumstanced she was forced to to go home and Sasha Ruseva claims could not afford the legal documents required to take the blonde angel with her to Bulgaria:

“I did not sell Maria, nor did I give her away. For the past four years, I have never forgotten Maria. I pray for her every day. I want her back. I want her back.”

Sasha Ruseva says she left Maria with a Roma roommate in Greece. Ruseva asked the roommate to send Maria to her but for some reason could not. She kept in contact with the roommate for updates on Maria but over time gave up and stopped trying due to lack of money. Apparently, that’s when the current Roma parents became involved.

But police records contradict the story of Sasha Ruseva, or at least someone with the same name. The records say a woman named Sasha Ruseva has been twice arrested for trying to sell babies, skipping bail, and escaping with the child both times. A man claiming to be Ruseva’s brother claims Sasha Ruseva told him she had received $344 for selling Maria.

Bulgarian Police Find Suspected Mother in Greek 'Maria' Case

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