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The Feel Good Film Festival is What Hollywood Needs


Are you the kind of moviegoer who likes going home feeling good? The Feel Good Film Festival is a must-event for you then. Taking place at the historic Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, the first of this annual event will commence with screenings of short and feature length films with happy endings, makes audiences laugh, or one that captures the beauty of the world (whatever that is). In short, audiences will feel better than when they first started watching the films.

Rain Wilson (The Rocker, Juno, Dwight of The Office) will set the tone as Opening Night Host of this film festival where winning films are expected to be entertaining, optimistic, humorous, or heartwarming.

Examples of feel good films are: Finding Nemo, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Bowfinger, Bend it Like Beckham, Rudy, It’s a Wonderful Life. How about you, what’s your feel good movie?

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2 Responses to “The Feel Good Film Festival is What Hollywood Needs”

  1. Miles

    I am thrilled for this film festival. I'm ready to feel good.

  2. sauz

    Another example: A great movie playing at the 2008 festival, EXPIRATION DATE, by Rick Stevenson.The director's personal site is great too, all video-based, check it out at