'Forza 5' gameplay Drivatar could unlock the 'Forza 5' car list for you

‘Forza 5’ Gameplay Actually Drives Itself If You Train It [Video]

Forza 5‘s gameplay will actually drive itself. Technically after you master the game, you can just let your Drivatar finish the game for you.

Who would have thought spectator sports would come to Xbox One? Then again if you look at the first TV spot, that seems to be half of what the console does anyway, but that’s beside the point.

Forza 5, the Xbox One exclusive racing title, will do something similar to what Motocross Madness from Xbox Live Arcade does, using your avatar as a character. Though Forza 5 won’t use your actual Xbox Live avatar (your character wears a helmet anyway, so why bother?), the game will use the Xbox One Cloud to record your driving habits. Your Drivatar will do what you do, whether you understeer or oversteer, whether you have a lead foot or tend to drift through turns. Once the game has figured out the way you drive, it will offer you the option to load a Drivatar.

The Forza 5 gameplay Drivatar is literally your playing style, meaning that you should be driving as well as you possibly can if you hope to use this feature effectively. If you crash a lot or hug the outside of the turns, Forza 5 will make a note of it and your Drivatar will do the same things.

You probably want to get a lot of practice in before letting the Drivatar take over for you, or you’ll be a trainwreck as soon as you let the game play for you. Get good enough and your Drivatar might actually unlock a good percentage of the Forza 5 car list.

One aspect of the Drivatar that the developers of Forza 5 don’t want to see happening is having you cheat. The game might actually use Kinect’s face recognition to determine if you’re letting your friends play for you just because they win all the time. Doing that might even cause you to lose reputation points and get you stuck racing the trash talkers and trolls online.

The Forza 5 gameplay Drivatar also has another downside, in that it will be treated like its own player. If you let the Drivatar race for you and finish the game, you’ll only earn half of the winnings. There won’t be any pulling a Frankenstein from Death Race, putting a new face on just to fool the spectators and walk away with winnings you didn’t earn.

Of course, the entire concept of the video game is being in control of the action, which raises the question of whether or not the Drivatar is a good idea. Sure, you can let the game finish itself without you, but if all you’re doing is watching, what fun is that?

What do you think of the Forza 5 gameplay Drivatar? Is it taking the player out of the game too much?

[image via YouTube]