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7 tons of ground beef recalled across several states on E. coli fears

creekstone farms e coli recall

Seven tons of ground beef have been recalled by a Kansas packing plant after the dangerous bacteria E. coli was found during third party (neither by the company nor the USDA) laboratory testing.

Arkansas City-based Creekstone Farms has confirmed the recall, and says the potentially contaminated product has been shipped to Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington State distributors. The recall is set at “Class 1,” determined by the USDA as a “health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”

CNN details the specifics of the recall:

Creekstone Farms’ recalled products include: 40-pound cases of “beef fine grind 81/19″ with 10-pound “chub” sub-packages, 40-pound cases of “beef chuck fine grind 81/19″ with 10-pound “chub” sub-packages, 40-pound cases of “beef sirloin fine grind 91/9″ with 10-pound “chub” sub-packages, 40-pound cases of “beef fine grind 90/10 natural” with 5-pound “chub” subpackages, and 60-pound cases of “beef fine ground 93/7.”

The affected product was marked with the code “EST 27″ inside its USDA inspection marked, and was processed and packed on February 22nd. So far, no illness linked to the recall has been officially reported.

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