Shreddies Filter Flatulence

Shreddies: The Underwear That Filters Your Flatulence

Fear not, flatulent folks, your foul fragrances have met their match in Shreddies, the undies that filter your farts.

That’s right, Shreddies, “manufactured with love in the UK,” have the ability to cleanse your gas of odor and allow its wearers to freedom from their fears of flatulence. As The Inquisitr previously reported, doctors advise you to just let it go when flying and Shreddies will make that possible without embarrassment, apparently.

This is innovation. Keep your carbon nanotubes and 3D printers and moon landings. Shreddies is odor-filtering underwear! Shreddies offers psychological relief to those seeking gastrointestinal relief. Mind you, managing the sound effects is up to you.

“Shreddies are designed to absorb odors, not to muffle the sound,” the Shreddies FAQ says. “Most flatulence sufferers are able to control the noise by altering their body position.”

The brilliant Paul O’Leary is the designer and innovator behind Shreddies. The U.K.’s Dr. Hillary Jones recommends Shreddies, calling them “brilliantly effective.” The key to the Shreddies filtration is Zorflex activated carbon cloth. You know, Zorflex, the cloth used in military uniforms in the event of a chemical attack. Apparently Shreddies decided the material would be useful in biological attacks as well.

Per the Shreddies Web site’s science section:

Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear features a ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odors. Due to its highly porous nature, the odor vapors become trapped and neutralized by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment.

Shreddies are available for men and women, adults and children. Gift options are available for your Shreddies purchase. Shreddies are form-fitting, from all the pictures available, which is likely to prevent rogue gaseous emissions from escaping.

Suffer from incontinence? Worry not, Shreddies has a line for you too. Made of a waterproof, breathable fabric, the incontinence Shreddies are washable and reusable.

What do you think of Shreddies? Would you ever wear Shreddies? Do you know someone who needs a pair of Shreddies?