Susan Bennett, Siri's Voice For The iPhone And iPad, Tells How Her Life Has Changed

Susan Bennett, Siri’s Voice For The iPhone And iPad, Tells How Her Life Has Changed

Susan Bennett was recently revealed to be Siri’s voice for the Apple iPhone and iPad, and apparently her life has change since being outed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Susan Bennett was actually afraid to come forward as Siri’s voice.

The identity of Siri’s voice was kept a mystery by Apple for years. An article by The Verge seemed to indicate that voice actress Allison Duffy might be Siri’s voice, so Ms. Bennett felt she needed to clear up the confusion.

It turns out Susan Bennett did the recording for Siri’s voice about 10 years ago for a project that was kept quiet. In a Sunday interview, Bennett revealed how things have changed for her. The media attention has forced her to get a publicist and register her Twitter handle as SiriouslySusan.

The interview reveals quite a few funny moments. The day before Siri’s voice was released. Susan Bennett lost her own iPhone. While she bought an iPhone herself (no Apple freebies for Siri’s voice!), Ms. Bennett couldn’t quite get used to talking to herself. She felt it was a bit creepy, so she avoided using Siri at first. She’s even had conversations with Siri about how they’re related, but Siri supposedly refused to admit it and “ditched” her.

The latest version of iOS 7 features a new version of Siri’s voice, including a male voice, but Susan Bennett believes Apple “just manipulated the voice more” for female Siri. The creation of Siri’s voice was actually mostly mechanical, but the core is still human. Bennett says she read nonsensical sentences intended to record all the possible variations of her human voice and then software took those pieces and artificially created Siri.

Susan Bennett thinks it’s great there’s going to be more versions of Siri’s voice over time, although she’s been told by many people they’re attracted to Siri Classic. Fans also told her that she should consider doing a “naughty Siri app,” but Susan has no plans to do so at this moment, disappointing at least one Big Bang Theory character.

What does the future hold for Siri’s voice? Susan Bennett wants to do more creative work like cartoons. Maybe she’ll end up being in a future Legend of Korra season?