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Parents Call Cops On Own Daughters For Underage Drinking, Party

parents call cops party

Two Connecticut teens who used the age old excuse of parental units being out of town to throw a party — or a few — got a harsh lesson when mom and dad came home early… and called the cops.

According to Agent James Kennedy of the Glastonbury Police in Connecticut, the situation was basically as it appeared. Two teen girls, 15 and 16, had the house to themselves and used the supervision-free time to host a party of about twenty other teens.

Pretty typical teen stuff, right? Wrong, in 2013 at least. When the girls’ parents returned early after a weekend away, they appear to have happened upon a party in progress.

According to the Hartford Courant, the arrival of unexpected parents threw the party in progress into chaos. Some kids tried to make a run for it, and others were caught red solo cup handed.

The paper reports:

“The girls hosted parties at the Neipsic Road house on Oct. 11 and 12, Kennedy said, attended by 15 to 20 people each night. Their parents were due to return on Monday, and the girls “tried to get another one going” on Sunday night, he said… Then their parents arrived.”

Kennedy said the hard line taking parents then called the cops on their own daughters, which Kennedy calls “the right thing to do.”

Whether or not it’s right, it certainly seems to create an expensive and a weighty consequence. WSFB reports that the two girls were arrested and “charged with permitting a minor to possess alcohol,” adding that “[a]nyone with information about the party is asked to call Glastonbury police.”

The Courant‘s comment section is a veritable craft fair of sanctimony, with commenters taking to task the girls (for being “disrespectful” and “rugrats”), the parents, for leaving the 15 and 16-year-old girls unsupervised completely and then passing the consequences off on police, and the other commenters, for commenting when they could be doing other things.

Some of the more colorful remarks read:

“Yes narc on your kids, it builds trust, seriously. Getting the police involved is a great idea. You people are insane.”

“Leaving teens alone-not a good idea. However, holding them accountable for their behavior-absolutely the right thing to do. And that includes calling the police.”

“Kudos to the parents, its called tough love. I bet next time their kids will think twice. I would do the same if my now teens tried that crap.”

One of the more interesting factors is the area and status of the family, presumably. Would such means of “tough love” be available to a single parent, or is there more a risk Child Protective Services would intervene? Could a low-income parent bear the costs of this sort of “tough love” given the likely need for a lawyer? Would a less privileged child risk losing the chance to go to college, for instance? Is this whole story really about class and privilege?

What do you think of the parents who called the cops on their own kids for hosting a drinking party? Who was being more irresponsible here, the kids or the parents?

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15 Responses to “Parents Call Cops On Own Daughters For Underage Drinking, Party”

  1. Penny Ford

    I applaud the parents they aren't pawning them off they're showing the kids you do the crime, you do the punishment. Now maybe other kids might no be apt to do the samething. I also wonder if a single parent could get away with doing this. The kids were old enough to stay home alone

  2. Sarah Dee

    how is it wrong to leave a 15 and 16 year old home alone for a weekend? obviously they needed to learn a lesson since they don't know how to exhibit self control in the least and hopefully this will give them the wake up call they need

  3. Melody Sizemore

    I would be very reluctant to leave my kids of that age home alone for an entire weekend. To many bad things could happen. However there may have been a good reason the parents left them alone. I think they probably did the right thing.

  4. Tracey Reid

    Excuse me im a single parent and there is more discipline in this house then some Co parent homes. My son's are 17 and 9. My eldest son has a curfew alot of these kids don't, I do random checks alllll the time my children know. If Iwant here my parents would be here and it's not about trust is good parenting to make sure they are are and keep them out of harms way.

  5. Sherry Anderson

    If the kids learned a lesson, then how could it be a bad thing? It sounds like the parents set them up, but the kids didn't pass the test. I have more of an issue with this article posting their street and town on the internet…THAT can cause more problems than anything the kids, parents or cops did…

  6. Kim LaCapria

    I am also a single parent! I definitely think it's more pressure to consider stuff like this.

  7. Kim LaCapria

    I think it probably goes kid by kid. My older child I would feel okay leaving alone but my younger one has slightly more questionable judgment sometimes :)

  8. Sara Aguilera

    Ha, I guess depending on the parenting type that they are using, they would expect to trust their 16 year old at home alone. That really isn't too much to ask. Also, calling the cops is the appropriate response to underage drinking. The kids can learn the weight of their decisions.

  9. Doris Storlien

    I don't think they were set up. I think the parents just happened to come home a day early and found their daughters having a party. I applaud them for what they did.

  10. Doris Storlien

    Exactly, kids are different. What one wouldn't do, the other one would. I have two like that. Thank God, they are grown and have children and grandchildren of their own, now. Their children are now grown and their grandchildren are not at that age, yet.

  11. Tracey Reid

    My eldest son would know this stuff would never fly up in this house. . Would be a war zone plus no way I'd leave my kids for a weekend that's just asking for trouble. .. if I wasnt here my parents would be watching over them shoot!

  12. Nonie Conroy Babula

    I am surprised the parents didn't get arrested for child neglect. I know those parents thought they were doing the right thing by calling the police to make a statement to their kids, but they should be held accountable for their minor children.

  13. Paula Qualls Gurley

    They are accountable for their kids. Not so long ago kids that age were considered grown. Love how a kid who commits a crime can be tried as an adult….. but can't be expected to show a bit of responsibility for a few days.

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