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Casey Kasem Is In His Final Days, Wife Claims In Court

Casey Kasem has died

Casey Kasem is in his final days as Parkinson’s disease has ravaged his body and early onset dementia his mind, the wife of the popular radio personality has said.

The revelation about Kasem’s ailing health came out as part of a lawsuit filed against the couple by their former housekeeper. Hilda Loza, who also served as a caregiver to Casey, claims that she was mistreated while in the employ of the family.

Jean Kasem, Casey’s second wife, did not attend the hearing and instead filed a document through her lawyer that shed light on her husband’s deteriorating health.

“My husband is terminally ill and unable to leave home,” Jean claimed, asking for a continuance of a few months to allow “the situation to resolve or end, unfortunately.”

A judge ultimately threw out the case, ruling that Loza did not properly serve the Kasem’s with legal action, but Casey’s family still has other litigation to attend to.

Kasey’s children from a previous marriage are suing Jean over his medical care, saying she has isolated Kasey and does not allow the children to visit.

The adult children, Kerri, Julie, and Mike, are seeking a conservatorship. A judge already denied their request for an emergency conservatorship and has ordered a review of Casey Kasem’s medical condition.

Earlier this month the children staged a public protest outside Kasey’s gated mansion to call attention to the issue. They were joined by some co-workers and elderly friends of Casey, holding signs that read “Let Casey See His Kids” and “Why?”

“My dad is very sick, and we have been completely shut off from him for the last three months,” Kerri Kasem, 41, said. “There is no money issue here, we just want to see our dad. We love him, and everyone knows his kids and grandkids are a source of joy for him.”

The children added that they do not want money from Casey Kasem or for changes in his will, just the right to see their dying father.

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7 Responses to “Casey Kasem Is In His Final Days, Wife Claims In Court”

  1. Kathy Fitzgerald

    Jean Kasem you are an old, jealous, bitter, woman let his kids see him before he passes!

  2. Derek Dreizen

    I met Casey in 1973 at KRLA studios in Pasadena. He was a nice man. I wish Jean would let her kids see him. Tough situation. I'd still like to eat out Jean Casem's sweet pussy and asshole, though. She was always a fine bitch! I'll bet she still is! Heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sara James

    All Jean wants is his money, she is old, mean and bitter! Karma got her in the end because her daughter Liberty looks like a Snooki female impersonator.

  4. Karen Sheppeard

    I don't understand why she (Jean) won't let her children see their father. What harm could it do to him? It seems she is just a person who doesn't value the wishes of a dying man to see his family. I'm sure if he could he would tell her so. I think it's just plain mean and vindictive of her to do this. I hope the court finds in their favor before it's too late.

  5. Tina Thomas

    Animosity between wives and step children is not uncommon. However, if I were the judge I would strongly question why she is not letting his siblings and such see him either. Gee…Could it be because they sided with his other kids? That should scream volumes to any judge.

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