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Twitter Makes A Pivotal Decision, Will It Be Quick Enough?


Twitter is spending it’s latest round of $15 million on hiring outside help to fix the mess it has created, according to a report from Eric at VentureBeat.

Startup builders and fixers Pivotal Labs have gotten the nod, and the company comes with scalability experience, having worked with companies including Salesforce and Lumosity. According to the same report, Twitter is also increasing its own staff to deal with the ongoing crisis.

Interestingly Eric notes that he’s heard of a “few big names” building Twitter competitors, and recently I became aware of one definite and another possible one as well. The race is on; Twitter is wounded, perhaps seriously, but is trying to recover where others with money and/ or profile see an opportunity and are racing to build and launch stronger, glossier and presumably more reliable competitors. Competition is always good for everybody.

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2 Responses to “Twitter Makes A Pivotal Decision, Will It Be Quick Enough?”

  1. christiananderson

    There is no doubt the head tweerers are gifted with the defibrillator. The APIs seem to be the source of much that is great and what may ultimately kill Twitter. It will be interesting to see how the copycats deal with the APIs.

  2. Vit Kolesnik

    Twitter has a very clear concept of “What are you doing?”, which is much stronger than, say, Friendfeed's concept. The question is how much of fashion / zeitgeist is built into Twitter and how much of practical use is there.

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